About Us

The Hira Company Ltd (incorporating Texet Sales Ltd) is a proud family owned UK business specializing in the import and distribution of branded consumer products.

The Company itself was established in 1959 and is regarded as one of the UK’s largest suppliers to major retail and trade outlets. The Company has also expanded beyond trading, to Digital and Ecommerce, Property Investment, Private Equity and as well been supportive of young entrepreneurs.
As we evolve in our third generation, we remain committed to our ideals and trading zeal.
Texet is a focal part of our growth and stabilty, and has fast become a big player in the online trading business, and we now work with many independent ecommerce traders.

Did you also know we have been an Approved Educational Supplier for over 25 years, and we have just about everything for the Classroom.

Our core ranges consists of:-
    • Home Office Products
    • Calculators
    • Educational and Classroom Products
    • Licensed Brands
    • Watches and Watch Winders

    With established offices in UK, Spain, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India we are well placed within the global market to provide a variety services for your business, whether you are a small independent trader or major retail multiple, we can offer a variety of services, which include but are not limited to:-

    • Sourcing
    • Design and Manufacture
    • Quality Control
    • Logistics
    • Own Brand / OEM

    We hope you will find our website useful to your business and we look forward working with you in the future.